Primery Swiss Group Review: A Trading Illusion


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Despite having a well-designed website, Primery Swiss group is STILL A SCAM. After receiving several emails from traders, we decided to check the broker. Most of the traders were alarmed when the broker refused to allow withdrawals. As we have seen in more cases than one, this PrimerySwissGroup is likely another online scam. Our investigations have borne fruit as we have concrete evidence showing PrimerySwiss Group is a scam. Learn more in this chilly and eye-opening PRIMERY SWISS GROUP Review.

Primery Swiss Group Review

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A Brief Overview of Primery Swiss Group Traits

The broker claims to introduce a new trading methodology in their trading platform. Once you look at their trading journey, you will think that this is an experienced broker. The broker claims to have started the trading journey in 2009.

In 2012, the broker claimed to have started trading in commodities. After the Crypto trading boom, the broker decided to add it in 2018. The broker claims to have 8 branches all over the globe.

If you’re not careful, you will easily fall for the history this broker claims to have. Our research will prove that the website is barely a year old. In fact, there’s no seasoned broker or investor in America or Europe who’s heard of the broker.

All the history they try to portray is false as all this is an illusion. Judging by their astute website design, we can tell you that these are professional offshore brokers.

Assets and trading instruments

The broker offers four major trading instruments on the platform. These assets include commodities, crypto, indices, and Forex. The broker claims to offer the world’s leading stocks which includes those from the FAANG group.

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Commodities to trade with include soft and hard commodities. You will find crude oil, gold, and other valuable commodities. Currency pairs we found include major currencies and CFDs on Crypto assets.

Available analysis tools

Fundamental and technical analysis tools are what you find within the platform. For both of these tools, you will need an experienced market analyst. There’s no mention of the broker having these valuable experts on their team.

From what we can gather, the platform does not even have these tools. Primery Swiss Group is a brokerage firm that will use every trick in the group to feign professionalism.

Business owner

PrimerySwissGroup Features

Another fascinating thing with the broker is that they fail to mention the people behind it. You only get to read that the company has a wealth of experience. The talent behind this team is ‘unmatched’ according to their homepage.

If this platform were that good, owners would want recognition. Even if they wanted to remain hidden, the platform’s success would be well-known. Since no one knows this broker, we can assume that this is an anonymous platform.

Domain insights ( review)

With free domain checker tools, we can ascertain that the website is a year old. Although the exact date is not available, the website’s footprint is a year old. This means that claims of being online since 2012 are false.

If the broker were here in 2012, there would be some chatter. We couldn’t find even a single broker that is working under this platform. It shows that this is an illicit trading platform.

User Experience with the broker

A few victims have come out and vented their anger on the broker. These victims clearly have a score to settle. Some have sent screenshots via social media pages of the broker’s harsh reality. After depositing $10,000, Mark Damon could not gain access to his account a week later.

His efforts to reach the broker have not borne any fruit. This is a sign that we are dealing with an online racketeering team.

Features of Primery Swiss Group

Account plans

Primery Swiss Group Account Types

Primery Swiss Group furnishes users with three account types. These three accounts include Standard, Premium, and Luxury. The minimum deposit for these accounts is $250, $2,500, and $25,000, respectively.

You can see that each account comes 10 times more depository power than the other. The broker does this to try and attract all classes of investors. He will definitely get newbies, standard, and a few luxury clients.

Contact and support from staff

Expect no support from the staff members as the broker tries to the communication process. You will notice that the platform lacks live chat support. Every Crypto trading broker has live support due to the complexity of trading.

Your broker needs to be available in case of a quick query. All you get from this broker are different phone calls with different area codes. As we suspected, the broker is using virtual phone numbers to entice members from those regions.

Payment options

There’s no mention of the payment options available on the platform. What we know is that the broker allows bank and money transfers. Most of the brokers are skeptical about PayPal as members can act fast and claim back funds.

Withdrawing funds with this platform remains to be the biggest hurdle facing members. No one has made any withdrawals for the past year. It goes to show the pain victims face after depositing with the broker.

Primery Swiss Group Trading Platform

The name of their platform is too long, and it doesn’t have advanced trading tools. When trading the markets, the best trading platform is MT4, MT5, or Sirix. Any other trading platform will put you at a disadvantage. web trader

You should use standard platforms that will offer charts and signal alerts. Their custom-made platform also poses a security threat to investors. Hackers will take advantage of the link and add malware. This way, they gain access to your PC with each download.

Is Primery Swiss Group Licensed or Registered?

Primery Swiss Group is not a legit trading platform. It doesn’t hold any valid license from authorities. You should keep away from such platforms as they have no business offering trading services.

Without a valid license, members don’t enjoy the protection they need from regulators. You are left at the mercy of these unscrupulous brokers. Please stay away from unregulated trading platforms to avoid losing funds.

Safety of funds with Primery Swiss Group

With several complaints lodged against this broker, security of funds is wanting. We believe the broker is channeling all deposits to a private account. That means segregation of account is not done.

Claims of offering negative balance protection are not true as victims don’t have access to accounts.

Scam or Legit Primery Swiss Group

Primery Swiss Group is a scam trading platform, and you should avoid it. The above evidence points to a broker with no interest in offering fair and transparent services. Please stay away from the platform and avoid becoming their next victim.

We hope authorities will act fast and shut down the website.

Primery Swiss Group Services

We won’t recommend an unregulated broker offering illicit trading services.

Go for authentic experts who offer honest and impartial trading services. It’s what you need to trade in this profitable era in today’s world.

We wish you all the best.

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