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Jon Searle ripped me off. Ripped off my brother too. Took $1000s of dollars from us. Promised SEO work was not done. Trashed two of our web sites. He lies. He does not have a degree from Univ of Phoenix like he satd. he doesnt even have a company. He works out of his home i guess. Scams people out of their money and never returns thier phone calls. I know a couple of his other customers that he did the same thing to. He works at Property Solutions LLC in Provo and i am sure he is scaming them too. He doesnt know what he is doing and has veriable proff that he had ever known anything about SEO. If I were his boss at Property Solutions LLC I would take serious close look at his work, and ask him to prove. I did and he couldnt. I hope that other potential customers or potential employers dont get burned by this scumbag thief. .

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By Marcus

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