RichmondSuper Review: Richmond Super is a Big Scam


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At first, we were amazed by the presentation RichmondSuper is using on their website. Credit is given where it’s due is, and they have a wonderful page presentation. The homepage has a video that starts with the skyline of the Big Apple. Luxury is the item these brokers are selling to anyone who signs up. Once you deposit funds, all this turns into a nightmare, as other victims will reveal. Please get to know what we found out in this transparent review.

RichmondSuper Review

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We recommend using tested and trustworthy brokers who have what it takes. You also get to learn a lot from them, which sharpens your trading skills.

A Brief Overview of RichmondSuper

Despite having an aesthetically appealing website, the broker seems to have no history. It’s one of the many red flags we spotted within the website. On their about us page, there’s no mention of their goals and objectives.

Based on their website design, we expected the broker to be clear on what they offer. The about us page does not indicate how this platform came into existence.

One of their many alluring aspects is the claim of making big profits. The platform claims that average stock profit is not enough. As an investor, you need to make huge profit margins, and this platform will help you achieve it.

This is the call to action sales pitch that the broker uses to lure investors. Before you sign up, there are a few factors you need to know. RichmondSuper is not what the broker wants it to appear, and it’s a well-designed scam.

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Account managers

There are the VIP accounts that come with a ‘dedicated account manager’ who remains anonymous. With the available three VIP accounts, members must deposit a minimum of $250,000 to start trading.

The platform certainly lives up to the billing of targeting high-end investors. We still don’t see how one can deposit funds without knowing who handles the accounts. Anonymity in terms of account professionals is one feature that scares us.

Assets and trading instruments

There’s no mention of the available trading instruments. All you get is details about how this broker will make you rich. We see pictures of Bitcoin, and it probably means the broker offers crypto assets.

You would expect the broker to open up in terms of commodities, forex, indices, and stocks. We don’t even know the available trading conditions such as leverage and spread. The website lacks any transparency in terms of trading instruments.

Business holder

With the broker targeting high-end investors, you would expect the owner to want recognition. If that’s not the case, the people behind it should be known by the public. The anonymous nature of this website is another reason to stay away.

There’s no mention of any trading professional behind this platform. We even don’t know their market analyst or who runs the website. Due to their anonymous nature, we recommend practicing restraint.

Richmond Super User Experience

The broker tries their best to conceal the fact that this is a scam. What they have is sponsored posts heaping praise on the platform. Those who believed the reviews and signed up are now ruing the decision.

There’s one investor who has already lost over $18,000 with this broker. Bennette Patrick claims the broker adopted a deceptive method that made him see rising profits. When it came time to withdraw, the broker went dark. This is what other members are facing with the platform.

We can also see that nearly all of the positive comments are from one jurisdiction. It seems that only investors in Australia are benefiting from the platform. This is odd as a legit platform will have profitable users no matter the geographical location.

As we said, this is a well-orchestrated scam that pounces on naïve investors. We hope that the harrowing experience of these victims will expose these scam brokers.

Domain insights ( review)

According to data from domain checker tools, the website is a year old. This makes sense as such a scam platform wouldn’t get to the second year. With complaints lodged against the broker, authorities will soon shut down the website.

Please stay away from the website as it’s not secure. Any links you find on their terms and conditions page are probably ransomware. These scam brokers will use malware to get access to your PC.

Features of RichmondSuper

Account types

RichmondSuper Account Types

RichmondSuper furnishes users with various account types depending on the service. We did notice that there are five areas that the broker claims to offer investing options. These include Trial, Passive income, Portfolio management, Retirement, and Heritage.

When trying out the platform, the broker demands a minimum deposit of $250. This is absurd as demo accounts are free.

Contact and support

You might think that such as broker would be available for comments or queries. The broker uses the chat service to harvest personal data. Any questions are directed to the broker who claims to answer via email.

This ensures that there’s no communication evidence on the website. There’s no contact page on the website, which is another odd feature to miss in an investment platform.

Deposit and withdrawal

The payment methods available include bank and wire transfer. No crypto wallet raises more questions than answers. The broker claims to offer crypto trading, and users can deposit using Bitcoin.

With no mention of their wallet, it seems that the platform is also involved in Bitcoin scams. There’s no evidence that anyone has profited from this platform. Withdrawing funds with Richmond Super is next to impossible.

Trading platform trading platform

Another missing feature on the website is its trading platform. From screenshots we’ve seen, the broker is using a custom-built web terminal. There’s nothing worse than custom-made platforms as they lack advanced tools.

RichmondSuper License and Registration

RichmondSuper is not a legit investment or trading platform. Any claim that they are legit should be followed with proof. No regulator has this platform licensed. It goes to show the illegitimacy of their actions.

The terms and conditions page fails to offer any details regarding this license status. A legit broker will post copies of their license certificates for all to see. This allows members to confirm the regulation status.

Safety of funds with RichmondSuper

After confirming the broker doesn’t have a legal license to operate, the safety of funds is impossible. The broker is taking investors for a ride. Segregation of accounts is not taking place, which is a breach of trading regulations.

The broker is transferring all deposits to a persona bank account. Recovering funds is next to impossible as the broker is completely anonymous.

Scam or Legit RichmondSuper

Richmond Super Crypto Investment Options

RichmondSuper is a scam, and anyone who deposits with them is likely to lose funds. The broker already has a reputation for stealing from investors. We hope regulators will act quickly and inform users of the dangers of the platform.

Bottom line

We won’t recommend as it’s a pure scam.

Make sure to sign up with trading experts who offer fair and transparent trading conditions. This is the only safe way to trade.

We wish you the very best.

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