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Complaint: Don’t leave to smoke a cigarette nless you want to return with your food boxed up. I didn’t even get to take a bite out of my dinner. Instead, I return and find my food THROWN IN A STYROFOAM BOX!! I left my credit card on the table because I pulled it out of my wallet earlier. SHE RAN MY CREDIT CARD without my authorization and had my GUEST sign the TAB!! To top it all off, the steak was cooked medium WELL, NOT MEDIUM RARE!! (I didn’t find out about this until after I got home. I was just in AWE at the audacity of the waitress to to box MY food and run MY credit card and give the tab to MY GUEST! Long story short, I spoke with three managers. The first one said it was my fault for get this…. “leaving the table with my credit card sitting there””. Well

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Address: it’s not my fault this is a NON-SMOKING RESTAURANT! Two more called me and no one offered to make it right. Yes

Website: 2801 Craig Dr. McKinney, Texas United States of America

Phone: they apologized but no one seemed to care that the steak was overcooked

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By Marcus

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