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Samantha Jane Ashby AKA Samantha Jane Foyen served approximately 8 months of her 3.5 year prison sentence for ripping off elderly people – bankrupting a family business – and Identity theft. It wasn’t enough time for her crimes, and although she may have minipulated another system – changed her name and location. Wholely believing that we get back what we do to others, I trust in the universal law to serve a sentence more grand than her judge was able to. However, I feel it is neccessary to inform the public wherever possible that this predetor is among us. Maskerading behind a beautiful face and sweet demeanor, she is the worst kind of deceptor. Samantha – I hope you are reading this and know that just because you flip around some letters in your name, it doesnt change who you are. Your time spent in prison was pretty much worthless. The only real way you pay off your crimes is to pay people back for the money you stole from them. DO NOT TRUST THIS WOMAN.

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By Marcus

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