Selina Cashin – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Florida


This 25 year old homewrecker, who has a daddy complex, slept with my 50 year old husband. She is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and formerly worked at Allegiant Airlines where she met my husband after she was hurt on the job. She came onto my husband, knowing full well he was married with children, while he attempted to console her due to her injuries. What makes this skank especially heinous is that after she gave my husband an ultimatum to pick me or her, he realized how delusional she was and tried to end things… She refused to take no for an answer and basically stalked him via calls and texts. Which is how I end up learning of the affair. Even after my confronting her on the phone and him telling her he wanted nothing more with her, she is still calling. My husband and I are trying to mend and this skank is still trying to deliberately break us up. Get some self esteem you b**ch and get your daddy (also 50 yrs old) to console you. This LDS skank left Ft. Lauderdale and ran back to Utah to her daddy and mommy because she was allegedly so distraught that my husband ended things. So ladies be careful of this slutty SW flight attendant. She is a morally depraved stalker!

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By Marcus

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