Smart Ether Review: Do Not Trust Ponzi Scheme


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Smart Ether is making some very tall claims of being the 1st decentralized mining company that is operating on the modern technology of smart contracts. However, there is no evidence of such claims. also makes a lot of other claims to seem like a genuine and legit platform.

In this article, we will be reviewing Smart Ether in detail so that you can get familiar with the various aspects of this company. It will help you in deciding whether you should invest in the company.

Overview of Smart Ether states that SmartEther is a cryptocurrency that you can only mine using the smart contract technology of the company. Moreover, the company also provides information about the mining process. It states that Smart Ether has complete access to all of the state-of-the-art mining tools and technologies to help you mine coins.

However, it is important to note that there is no external information available that would validate the fact that is actually capable of mining crypto coins. Moreover, it is not clear that who is running the company, which means the company is not being upfront about its origin.

Domain Insights

The website of Smart Ether,, was registered in August 2020. However, the company does not mention the fact that it is a new platform. Instead, it is promoting itself as a highly reliable platform.

Smart Ether also offers several marketing videos. The languages of these videos are Hindi, Tamil, and English. It is highly possible that Smart Ether is running out of India. The analysis of the domain shows that India and Bangladesh are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website.

Registration Process of Smart Ether

Like any other Ponzi scheme, Smart Ether does not offer any retail products or services. Instead, the business model of the company relies on affiliate membership. is asking for an investment of at least 0.1 ETH per position.

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However, if the users want to participate in the entire income structure, they will have to invest at least 20.4 ETH. This is not a one-time fee. Instead, you will have to pay the fees again after every 60 days. This kind of tactic of taking fees multiple times is a common strategy of many Ponzi scams to keep getting investment from the users.

Income Structure of Smart Ether provides a comprehensive income structure to attract more users and investors. However, there is no mention of crypto mining in this income structure. It completely contradicts the company’s original claims to being a crypto mining company.

Smart Ether is using a traditional 2×8 matrix to distribute profits among the affiliate members. It simply means that once an affiliate buys a 0.1 ETH position, the affiliate will be at the top of the affiliate, while two positions will be under the affiliate.

As the matrix levels keep increasing, the number of positions on each level will also increase. Moreover, the company is promising commissions on both direct and indirect recruitment.

Eight Tiers provides the following breakdown of the income structure of the company:

  • Invest 0.1 ETH on level 1 to generate 0.16 ETH from 2 positions.
  • Invest 0.16 ETH on level 2 to generate 0.512 ETH from 4 positions.
  • Spend 0.32 ETH on level 3 to generate 2.048 ETH from 8 positions.
  • Spend 0.64 ETH on level 4 to generate 8.192 ETH from 16 positions.
  • Invest 1.28 ETH on level 5 to generate 32.768 ETH from 32 positions.
  • Invest 2.56 ETH on level 6 to generate 131.072 ETH from 64 positions.
  • Spend 5.12 ETH on level 7 to generate 524.288 ETH from 128 positions.
  • Spend 10.24 ETH on level 8 to generate 2097.152 ETH from 256 positions.

The website also states that a significant part of the commission is allocated towards the company’s financial resources to improve its services. Moreover, you will have to keep investing in the company after every 60 days. 

This kind of business model is not a profitable platform for you. You can end up investing a much greater amount in Smart Ether than what you will earn from it. Therefore, you should avoid investing in this Smart Ether. Instead, you should invest in genuine crypto mining companies that provide reliable and efficient crypto mining services to help you in making profits. 

Features of SmartEther is claiming to have a number of features to attract more users and make them invest in the company. Some of these major features are:

Modern Mining Equipment

The most prominent feature of Smart Ether is that it is claiming to be a crypto mining platform that can provide massive profits to the users. However, the business model of the company shows quite clearly that the company is relying on investment from the affiliates to survive. 

It is highly possible that that Smart Ether is lying about being a crypto mining platform. Instead, it is similar to any other crypto Ponzi scheme that wants to collect as many funds as possible before its eventual collapse. 


Smart Ether is promising profits with the help of its affiliate program. However, this kind of business model revolves around the affiliates only. There is no potential for further growth. The company will collapse due to a lack of investment.

As a result, affiliates will not make any significant profits. Instead, you will have to bear financial losses due to the collapse of In short, you cannot trust the company’s claims of being a highly profitable platform. You should avoid investing in it. 

Owner of Smart Ether

There is no official information available about the owner of the company. Similarly, does not mention any person who might be running the company. Instead, it provides ambiguous information like that the company is using the smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain to perform transactions. 

This kind of lack of essential information is a very strong indication that Smart Ether is a Ponzi scheme that is concealing important information about its background to ensure it does not run into troubles at a later stage.

Smart Ether


Smart Ether claims that you can fully rely on this platform to generate a large number of profits. The company is marketing itself as a well-established company and the first decentralized crypto mining network. However, there is no truth to these claims. 

You should remember that a large number of Ponzi schemes use this tactic of promoting the company as a world-renowned company to attract attention. In truth, most such companies rely on investment from the affiliates. 


The purpose of this entire discussion about Smart Ether is to point to the fact that it is not a suitable investment opportunity. The company is asking for a very large amount of at least 20.5 ETH for full participation in its income structure. There is no guarantee that you will be able to recover your investment from the company. 

Instead, there is a very high chance that will collapse well before you are able to generate any sort of money from it. Furthermore, the income structure of Smart Ether is like any other Ponzi scheme. It is gathering funds from affiliates without having any kind of external income source. 

Ultimately, Smart Ether will collapse, and you will end up losing your investment. Therefore, you should not invest in in the first place. If you want to make profits from trustable and efficient sources, you should check out the crypto mining companies. These companies have been operating in the crypto industry for a long time and provide genuine services. 

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