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Complaint: State Senator Tom Patton is allowing that the Ohio State Medical Board of Ohio takes things too far: suspending a woman MD’s license for 20 years for objecting to wrong fracture care that she’s supposed to get over and never mention again – but oops the orthopedic care has not changed or improved. Male orthopedics in Ohio still leave women’s fractures uncasted until they feel like casting them (it’s mostly males in Ohio), leave the padding out as a joke, and order the wrong x-rays – all of which a woman MD can’t undo. And then if the woman MD complains, breaking the code of silence, the Medical Board takes her medical license for the provisional impairment of not going along with the boys. Translation: making too much of her bad care – she reported things that went too far – just to get her medical records. The medical records in the case showed up two years later with edits all over the place: wrong dates, wrong care, wrong everything. Hazing, harassment, and belittling – physically & emotionally – is part of medical training especially in a bullyrag state like Ohio – where women are less than men. It’s not that males don’t get harassed, it’s that the harassing would not continue into care of an illness as it does with women MDs. Senator Patton is going along with a woman MD in his district being out of medicine for 20 years and not allowed treatment of the bone condition that the male MDs, who complained about her asking for care, missed. She had no patient complaints. Her fractures were left to ‘ripen to excrescence,’ her blood work was never ordered (Rick Whitehouse & Tom Dilling didn’t believe that women MDs needed blood work), and her bone problem was ascribed to ‘exaggerating her bone pains’ and needing just a new right Ohio psychiatrist. Fractures are not manifestations of a psychiatric illness except in Ohio, except for Tom Patton (who didn’t finish Cleveland State), and except for the Ohio State Medical Board. So far Kimberly Anderson has continued the madness – not allowed the woman to get treatment of her bone problem. But if Ms. Anderson had a thyroid problem – it would get the correct lab work, the correct treatment, and never lead to bone weakness & fractures. But she doesn’t allow women MDs the same treatment. Senator Patton needs to call a halt to this situation. There needs to be an investigation into the misuse of the ‘confidential’ complaints system at the State Medical Board of Ohio – especially the colleague complaints that lead to loss of medical licensure without patient problems – the jealous complaints. The hazing went too far in this situation – the reason that the woman had fractures was not the same reason that men have fractures. So her fractures collapsed badly – requiring 2 years of physical therapy and healing of complications – at a time when she wanted to get married & start a family. There needs to be reforms at the State Medical Board of Ohio – even Tom Patton should be able to see this. The harassments, the bad care of women, and the lying that leads to Hearing after Hearing for ‘stuff’ that no Medical Board considers except Ohio – it’s wasting taxpayer monies and careers.

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