SuperFXNetwork Review: A Cloned Crypto Platform


SuperFXNetwork has the same website design as HaceTraders. And this means both of the platforms are clones. With offshore investment platforms, we didn’t expect anything less. The people behind it have made the same mistakes. What separates the two are the names; everything else is just the same. Super FX Network claims to offer unique crypto investment opportunities. We feel it’s our duty to expose to protect our ardent readers. Make sure to read this thorough SUPERFXNETWORK Review.

A Review of SuperFXNetwork

SuperFXNetwork Review

The website is the same, with only a few minor changes from that of HaceTraders. Two things stand out, the website design and the manner they try and sell their services. SuperFXNetwork has done a shoddy job trying to re-invent itself.

Not every investor will notice the glaring similarities between the two websites. and have everything in common. And this leads us to believe the same group operates the two.

How else would you explain the pictures and wording on the platform? The two websites claim to operate in the United States, which is false. None of them even have any offices in the States; they are all offshore.

Those behind it want to create the illusion the platform is highly effective. It’s not the case, as we know for a fact that none of what we’ve seen is legit. Both websites claim to offer the same services only to different users.

When investing, you want a platform that has been tested and proven to work. Experts in the crypto field have tested coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding options. And they have seen that these options are the best for a realistic return. Go for transparent investment options that rely on accuracy and safety. Make the wise investment decision today and sign up with reliable and reputable investment platforms.

Account opening procedure

When opening an account with Super FX Network, you need to be extra vigilant. The platform does hide the fact that they are harvesting data from investors. When opening the account, it all seems straightforward.

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Please wait until you trade on their platform and send a withdrawal request. That’s when all hell breaks loose. No one has managed to withdraw funds as the platform demands verification documents. Those who send these documents end up losing more than their balance. asks for a copy of your ID, bank statements, and credit card information. To verify accounts, today’s broker or investing platform will send an email with verification links. They can also send SMS codes for verifying any procedure.

Mangesh Gandhi, a security cyber expert, warns of platforms that ask for such documents. In most cases, they are targeting wealthy investors. With your credentials, they can easily charge your credit card with online purchases.

Affiliate and referral commissions

On their FAQ page, they openly admit to offering commissions to affiliate members. Although it seems to be a good way of making passive income, it is a headache. Mason Bruce is undergoing turmoil thanks to this service.

All he wanted was to make passive income, so he decided to get his co-workers to sign up. Most were hesitant at first, but they were charmed by calls from the CEO of the platform. And that’s how they all decided to invest $1,000 each with the platform.

Mason earned a 10 percent commission for every deposit made. Before long, he was sure his passive income stint was heading somewhere. After some time, they all decided to withdraw funds. All hell broke loose as the platform blocked all withdrawal attempts.

The group is now pointing fingers at Bruce for directing them to a scam. He is now forced to avoid the company of his co-workers with his name tarnished.

Business owner

SuperFXNetwork Features

Our review won’t be complete without mentioning the name behind this platform. During our chat, Beline claimed to be the CEO of Super Crypto Network. We don’t know for sure if this is a pseudonym or a real person.

And the business name is SuperFXNetwork Ltd which doesn’t have any registration document. There’s no business or Company registered in the US with this name. And this is what makes the platform a rogue investment platform.

Anonymity is another grey area you must avoid while investing. If the owner avoids direct contact, you need to retrace your steps. We won’t recommend a platform that doesn’t provide necessary documents to investors. What we have is an anonymous investment platform which is a high-risk option.

Compliance and Registration SuperFXNetwork

SuperFXNetwork is not compliant with investing and trading rules. This is made evident by the fact that there are no documents. The platform would easily have justified its reliability by providing these documents.

Without clear licensing, there’s no oversight which puts investors at risk. The platform is free to impose any restrictions without considering the plea of investors. It means they can easily change the terms along the way.

You should avoid any investment platform claiming to reside in the States and has no license. As an investor, it’s your right to ask for verification documents from authorities. You can also search using the regulator’s website to check a platform’s compliance status.

Super FX Network is another platform that wants to penetrate the US investor scene. What we have is a platform that doesn’t have any legal standing. Once you deposit with them, you too fail to enjoy the protection that comes with a registered entity.

Contact and support

There are several options to make contact. We went with a live chat where we met Beline. The platform is using a virtual phone number that directs users to an account manager. Beline is the person who answers your queries.

Before moving forward, she will insist on you having to sign up. Beline claims the phone number is for members only. Another way to make contact is by Whatsapp, where you join a chat group with messages six weeks old.

Domain profile ( review)

Records indicate the website is 80 days old as we publish this post. The website was created on April 01, 2021, which exposes their claim of being online for 6 years. All that the platform tries to create is the illusion that they are indeed reliable.

Super FX Network Services

The name of the registrant has been withheld for privacy reasons. Their IP location points to Finland, which means the platform is ideally not in the States. You would expect a Company working from the States to use U.S servers.

Highlights of SuperFXNetwork

Available services

It seems the platform tries to offer four major services to investors. These services include Exchanges, investment, loans, and trading. None of the services seem to be profitable, according to members.

Deposit and withdrawal

The only deposit happening is when a naïve investor decides to try out the platform. Withdrawing is not possible, and they make sure to have a table disclosing deposit and withdrawal timelines.

These are ways to fool investors into believing the platform is transparent. Please don’t fall for their tricks, as the table will still look the same a week from today.

Packages and plans

There’s no mention of any packages or plans available on the platform. And this makes it a hard platform to sell. It seems you have first to sign up to get details of available packages.

Safety of funds with Super FX Network

There’s no safety of funds from a platform that fails to offer any safety net to members. The claim of providing insurance cover for deposits is false.

Final thoughts deposit and withdrawal table

We have to expose the platform for being a loose cannon. Our way is to blacklist SuperFXNetwork.

The best option is to sign up with reliable investment options geared to make realistic returns.

If you have any queries, leave a comment or email us. We would be happy to respond.

Is Super FX Network Legit?

No, the;platform does not offer any legitimate investment options.

Are funds safe with

Your funds are far from safe, the platform does not provide insurance cover for deposits made.

Where can I invest safely and earn realistic results?

The best place to earn and make realistic returns is

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