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Texas Auto Pros Sold me a vehicle that won’t pass inspection due to engine problems. Sold me a warranty and they’re no longer in business. HOUSTON Texas!!. Texas Auto Pros sold me a 2008 Chevy Tahoe that was supposed to be mechanically sound based on their statements to me. However, when it came time to get the vehicle inspected I was told that the vehicle was not passing the inspection. Evidently the computer was spitting out a code even though the check engine light was not coming on. Additionally, Texas Auto Pros sold me a $2,500 warranty on the vehicle and it was rolled into my financing. Because I have been unable to pass an inspection I have also been unable to register the vehicle. I recently received a traffic ticket for no registration from the Harris County Constable. With my court date quickly approaching I took the vehicle to Texas Auto Pros to try to have it repaired under warranty only to find out they are no longer in business. So, basical

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