Complaint: First of all let me preface in saying my 2 all time top favorite bands are the Beach Boys and the Beatles. I lived in California for some time and everybody loves them and there songs are always on the radio. But this 2018 version of the Beach Boys is far below standard. We went to see them in concert, in the summer of 2018 recently and we were all highly disappointed. For one, Mike Love, the leader, is overweight, out of shape, winded and out of practice. I saw him in the VIP lounge during break, and his speech was a bit slurred as if in someone drinking too much. Okay, these things can happen to us as we get older. But don’t go to concert in this condition. For two, in 2012 he fired 3 original founding members: Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, and David Marks. (you can google this and get tons of info on this especially the article in Rolling Stone Magazine). THIS IS DISGRACEFUL AND DOWNRIGHT LOW AND UNACCEPTABLE. The band is just not the same. We can’t understand what we saw at this concert. At least u00bd of the concert was composed of songs that were not Beach Boy Songs. Some were dull, boring songs sung by some of the other band members other than Mike Love – the lead singer, and one was sung by his daughter. She is not an awful singer, but actually decent. But she is very below the standard of what someone should be doing if they are representing the Beach Boys as well as his other son Christian Love who is one the replacements also. Was this the plan: “get rid of the old family and put the new ones in! – bad plan! His replacement players all look dull

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Address: seem out of it

Website: and his Meditation leader

Phone: are emotionless and all seem over medicated or worse. All of them are dressed very sloppily in my opinion

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By Marcus

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