Tixentrade Review: A Rip-Off Crypto Scam


Tixentrade is a platform that purports it’s based in Canada. Unfortunately, this is just another rip-off. You will not get the desired outcome if you proceed to invest with them. The company does not offer fund safety. The venture is ignorant and doesn’t even disclose the banks it is working with.

Whoever is behind this fraudster is keen on the data they provide. It is therefore hard to track them down. We do not recommend investors be cautious and refrain from putting money into this scheme. Stay away from all offshore firms.

Tixentrade Review, Tixentrade Company Tixentrade is the kind of broker that pays pioneer investors to build trust. You believe that the firm is legit since you can earn profits by clicking a few buttons. After this, the venture will ask for more money. You will see this as a perfect method to quickly make you rick.

Additionally, the scammers also request that you invite other people. These could be your friends, colleague, or family members. Investors gladly do this to increase their chance of earning. Unfortunately, once the entity realizes you have run out of funds they tend to close the account.

Your attempt to recover your money shall hit a hard rock. Tixentrade is a fraud that is pretending to be based in a well-regulated jurisdiction. Sadly, they are using a fake license that blows up their cover. The main red flag of this entity is not having a license.

Tixentrade.com Review

Tixentrade claims that it has a unique feature. Investors are assured of daily returns for 75 days. The ROI varies and the maximum profit is 3.4% every day. The least acceptable return is $10. You can cash in via various cryptocurrencies, and Perfect Money.

The venture allegedly uses algorithmic trading techniques. The entity also manages the portfolio of investors all around the clock. The company aims to provide long-term profits to clients. They manage risk with technology.

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The broker is also managing the accounts of investors. Tixentrade encourages those with high-risk appetites to join the entity. When it comes to security the platform claims it has the best. Unfortunately, the only thing they have to show is a DDoS certificate.

The encryption only protects data of the investors from the access of hackers. However, there is no guarantee that your money is safe. Moreover, they also assure clients they do not charge hidden fees. The venture will say anything to win the trust of investors. Invest with these legit cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

You should not risk your safety with this dirty scheme. The broker is after exploiting naïve customers who easily buy the narrative of scammers. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and no matter how much you take to study the market this will never change. Don’t get us wrong, you can earn a high income by utilizing this feature.

Features of Tixentrade

The entity allegedly manages the market risk using three strategies. These include; setting a stop loss, limits on position size, and diversifying investors’ portfolios. Once they do this the venture can control the risks.

Additionally, the broker also claims it monitors news. The analysis helps them to know the asset to exclude in their trade. Tixentrade looks for a coin that the venture investing in research on the possibility of fork, acquisition, listing, and delisting. The following can affect the returns.

Tixentrade.com Review, Tixentrade.com Features

The platform also claims it has invested heavily in security. They rely on the experience of their tech team to protect the company against cyber theft. However, the people that you should be worried about are the ones managing this entity.

Tixentrade Contact Details

Tixentrade Ltd supervised the activities of this broker. The location of the venture is allegedly in the United Kingdom. Investors can reach the entity via email or phone. We cannot attest that they will respond in time.

The entity does not have clients’ feedback. Moreover, the features that the entity presents create more distrust. Chances that the geographical locale is randomly generated are high. Therefore, it’s impossible to visit their offices.

Scammers have terrible customer support. They ignore your messages and even go to a further mile of blacklisting traders. Therefore, before you join such a venture think twice. A time shall come when the broker will close down their platform.

Investing with a legit firm helps investors earn money without worrying about their data being stolen. They also have multiple social media platform that allows them to interact with their customers. Therefore, the entities are able to better their services.

Regulation Status 

The broker ought to adhere to the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority since they purport this is their area of operation. Anyone can access the data available on the FCA website. All you have to do is search for the company you want to venture with.

We searched for Tixentrade and we couldn’t find the platform. Trading with this outrageous entity will leave you high and dry. The entity does not care about the experience of investors. For starters, there is no segregation of funds.

Hence, it becomes impossible to issue a chargeback. The payment methods of the broker allow the company to conceal its identity. The con artists behind this entity are after defrauding traders. Invest with a broker that is licensed by FCA, CySEC, ASIC, NFA, or any other stringent financial watchdog.

Several advantages come with trusting such firms. The trading conditions of a licensed entity are ideal. They manage risk and they have to report daily to the regulatory bodies. This helps in ensuring the funds of traders are safe.

Are Funds safe at Tixentrade?

No, your many are at high risk in this entity. The company brags that it has a license from the UK company house. However, the documents that they present is a registration form which is by far very different from a regulatory certificate.

Additionally, the FCA is the body that is responsible for licensing and overseeing the operations of investment ventures. Registration documents are cheap and quickly accessible and don’t prove legitimacy.

Furthermore, Tixentrade is an anonymous platform. They claim that a team of experts manages their activities. However, the venture fails to provide that shows the individuals are qualified to handle financial matters.

The company is not secure because they don’t avail the information regarding the bank they collaborate with. The DDoS and SSL certificate is not enough to prove the safety of clients. Moreover, the broker accepts funds using risky methods that cannot help traders.

Furthermore, Tixentrade fails to disclose the actual time that it takes investors to receive funds. You may end up waiting until eternity. We can credit them for providing more information than multiple scammers in the market provide.

The Domain Insight

Tixentrade has a terrible trust score. It proves that the venture is offering illegal services. Additionally, the domain name of this entity is new. Therefore, the venture has not built a trading history. The platform made its first digital footprint in December 2020.

They target being in the market for three years. The venture is a Ponzi scheme that has low traffic. Additionally, they don’t have customer reviews which do not serve them any good. The firm would have at least provided financial reports for the last three months.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, we don’t know the experience of investors that have used this platform. The company lacks a great reputation. Tixentrade provides false information pertaining to their regulation. Their support is also unreliable.

Invest with legit cryptocurrency exchanges. These are competent ventures that have a great track record. You can earn real time profits without the worry of being scammed. Moreover, these platforms have top-notch security.

Does Tixentrade have a License?

No, the entity is unregulated.

Is the customer Support of Tixentrade Sound

Unfotunately, scammers don’t hire trsutsworthy customer support.

Are fund safe at Tixentrade?

No. The company will steal your savings.

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