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Beware! Trademetar is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.

Trademetar is a very obvious scam – the company offers investment plans with ridiculous return rates that cannot be achieved by anyone. And if you won’t take our word for it, the Spanish CNVM has issued a warning against the broker – the text of which warning you can find below:

It seems that Trademetar has been providing its investment services to EU citizens without the approval of the regulator. And what’s more, this is not the only time the company lies about being licensed – let’s take a closer look at Trademetar and the issues surrounding it:

Trademetar regulation and safety of funds

Trademetar is not regulated, but it lies about it, claiming to have a license issued by the Australian ASIC, as you can see below:

Now, on first glance this seems to be a perfectly valid document, but take a closer look – the text is barely coherent. Why is this Certificate of Registration mentioning the change in name of the company? Why is the watermark in the background of the document cut off at the bottom, where the chairman’s signature is and on the right where the words CERTIFICATE are plastered? And most importantly, how did Mr. D’Aloisio issue the document when his term at the post ended in 2011?

This all points to the fact that we are dealing with a forgery – but if the reasoning we have here is not enough to convince you Trademetar fakes its license, we looked the company on the ASIC register:

Nothing came up, of course – Trademetar is just a scam!

Companies that are actually licensed by the ASIC have to comply with a strict set of rules – for example, they need to have over one million AUD to their name to get a license issued, to prove they have what it takes to navigate the volatile Forex markets. Stick to licensed companies and you will enjoy a higher degree of fund safety than Trademetar can ever hope to achieve.

Trademetar trading software

Trademetar does not provide access to any trading – so a sophisticated trading platform like Metatrader 5 would be completely wasted with the company.

Trademetar deposit and withdrawal methods and fees

Trademetar accepts deposits only via Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is well in line with the common strategy among scammers to limit the options their clients have of filing a chargeback – crypto payments are never eligible for refunds.

As for withdrawals, there is no mention of fees on Trademetar’s website, or in its lax Terms and Conditions – but we do not assume that withdrawals will be easy or cheap. Scammers like Trademetar are simply trying to get their hands on your deposits – once they do so, they can come up with hundreds of reasons why you cannot withdraw them!

We should expand on the broker’s business model – we hinted that it offers impossibly lucrative investment plans, and here are these plans in action:

Even the cheapest one has a return rate of 10% within 24 hours. If Trademetar could achieve that, why would it need anyone to deposit? Why not just take out a loan and become rich on their own terms, without needing any middlemen? Rest assured – Trademetar cannot grant you such returns and it does not plan to – do not deposit with it!

How does the scam work?

By now it is clear that Trademetar is a scam – here is how the scheme it follows plays out:

Whenever someone stumbles on the website, they are lured with promises of incredible returns, as you can see above. If they give in and decide to make an account, they are required to leave a phone number in the process – once that is done, the scammers will start calling around the clock to demand money. More and more will be drained from the poor victim, until they realize what’s going on and either stop depositing or demand a withdrawal – at which point, if the scammers cannot manipulate them further, they will simply cut the victim off.

What to do when scammed?

If the above seems familiar, you might have been scammed – here is what you need to do to stop further losses:

Restore your privacy – if the scammers had access to IDs, credit cards and so on, get new ones issued ASAP. Also, remove any remote sharing software they had you install on your PC.

Secondly, contact your bank and see if you can get a chargeback – but if contacted by a recovery agency, which demands an advance fee for its services, know it is simply another scam and do not pay it a dime!

Finally, leave a comment below with your thoughts on Trademetar – by doing so, you will be helping us raise awareness of the scheme, which is the only efficient way to fight it!

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