TradeNetscape Review: A Distasteful Cryptocurrency Broker!


TradeNetscape is one of the worst cryptocurrency brokers in the market. This company claims that it can give investors an edge in the market. The company claims it does this by offering the best trading platform in the market. Additionally, it supposedly offers trading education to clients. But this is nothing new in the market.

The best professional cryptocurrency Exchanges in the market have a proven track record. They are reliable and have funds’ safety. You will never regret investing in regulated companies in the market. They will help you protect your funds as you trade.

TradeNetscape Review, TradeNetscape Company

Unfortunately, TradeNetscape is not one of these companies. It is a desperate attempt to scam unsuspecting individuals. Furthermore, this website only entered the market recently. It has less than six months in the market. For your own good, only invest in companies that have been in the market for a long time.

Meanwhile, here is our review of TradeNetscape.

TradeNetscape Review

TradeNetscape promises clients unprecedented access to a variety of market assets. The company allows investing in bitcoin, forex, crude oil, commodities, marijuana, stocks, and indices. We can already see the desperation of this company. The founders are attaching terms like marijuana and bitcoin to ride the hype behind those markets.

Furthermore, there is no real trading platform on this website. The company promised MT4 and MT5 platforms. They do provide links to download both these platforms, and we have to give them that. However, this is not part of their distribution. Therefore, TradeNetscape does not allow clients to execute trades in the market.

As such, we can tell that these people are not professionals. They have no idea what they are doing in the market. These are not the people you want to handle your money. Additionally, these are not the people you want to take trading education from.

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After all, they do not introduce us to any of their professional traders. There are no names nor faces, let alone trading results. Professional companies will always introduce their professional traders. Additionally, they will provide their trading results. This helps gain the trust of investors.

TradeNetscape Account Types

TradeNetscape offers some of the worst trading accounts in the market. There are four account types on this website. These include the Starter, Gold, Premium, and Legend accounts. The smallest account requires a minimum investment of $5,000. These are some of the most expensive accounts in the market. Review, TradeNetscape Accounts

To attract customers, this website is guaranteeing profits in each of these accounts. The smallest account comes with a 20% profit guarantee. On the other hand, the largest account has a 120% profit guarantee. We can assure you that this is nothing but a marketing scheme. No cryptocurrency broker can assure you of any profits. Your profit ratio and loss ratio will ultimately depend on your execution.

Therefore, we can tell that these are not professionals in the market. Furthermore, they are talking about cryptocurrency mining under metal mining. They do not even know how to organize their work.

TradeNetscape Payment Methods

TradeNetscape only supports two payment options. The company only accepts Bitcoins and wire transfers. There are immense risks in using these two payment options. That is because they do not allow chargebacks.

Additionally, cryptocurrency payments do not allow users to trace their funds. That is because transactions are between abstract addresses. It is hard to associate an address with an individual.

For these reasons, scammers always like to use these two payment options. This way, they can easily disappear with people’s funds.

TradeNetscape Regulation Status

The regulation status tells us everything we need to know about its legitimacy. This company claims to have regulations from CFTC in the US and the IFSC in Belize. Additionally, the company boasts of regulation by the FCA. 

We searched on each of these regulators’ registers. The FCA was a great place to start. We did not find any results to show that the FCA regulates this platform. This was the same for the other regulators. 

Therefore, this company is lying about its regulation to seem legit. In reality, no regulator is overseeing TradeNetscape’s operations. There are too many risks involved in investing in such a company. Such a firm is illegal in the eyes of the law.

Furthermore, no unregulated organization can assure you of your funds’ safety. There is no way to verify that they have the right setup to protect client funds. That includes having segregated accounts in a tier-1 bank. You may lose your funds when the company or the bank goes bankrupt.

The People Behind TradeNetscape 

Unsurprisingly, there is no introduction of the team behind TradeNetscape. The founders of this company are running the operations anonymously. Additionally, we have no idea who professional educators are.

This lack of transparency is very common in scam operations. The founders of such companies hide their identities to avoid facing the law. You should never send your money to mysterious people on the Internet. This is especially risky when there is no way to recover your funds. The founders might decide to disappear without a trace.

Furthermore, we cannot verify the location that these people operate from. They provide a US-based address, but that is just for show. This company may be operating from anywhere in the world, for all we know. For your own good, avoid this company like the plague. It has nothing good to offer you.

Fake Testimonials

As a marketing strategy, many scam operations use fake customer testimonials on their websites. This is what we have on There are several testimonials on this website, all praising the company. 

Sadly, these are fake. These customers only have single names. Additionally, they do not have social media accounts. Further, the language these customers use is the same all through. We can only conclude that the company fabricates these.

Watch out for companies like this one. They claim to have thousands of satisfied clients to get you to invest.

Domain Insight

The official domain for this company is This website first went live on the 21st of January, 2021. Unfortunately, its life expectancy is not that long. The expiry for this website is on the same date, a year later.

This is very common for fraudulent operations. They never stick around for long. They exit the market as soon as the public catches up to their criminal activities. Furthermore, this company is only a few months old. At the very least, it cannot deliver professional services to you. You are better off waiting it out before you invest your hard-earned cash.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, this is yet another fraudulent cryptocurrency broker. It has no regulation. That means that no regulator is overseeing its activities. Therefore, it is a criminal operation without a license.

Additionally, the founders of TradeNetscape are anonymous. They are operating entirely from the shadows. They do not want anyone to track them down. This is common in fraudulent operations.

For these reasons, your money is not safe with TradeNetscape. The company does not have the proper setup to protect investors’ funds. Furthermore, there is no evidence of systems’ protection. Hackers might access and steal your funds.

For professional services, only invest in legitimate cryptocurrency brokers. They will help you protect your investment as you trade. Please do not risk it with this terrible company.

Unfortunately, the company is not trading. It is a pyramid scheme relying on referrals.

The company local is an unresolved mystery.

No. The company is an outlaw.

No. The company uses methods that don’t allow investors to issue a chargeback.

Are the positive reviews online reliable?

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