Ultimate Cryptotrade Review: Ultimatecryptotrade.com is a Dirty Scam


Ultimate Cryptotrade is another investment scheme that displays shady features. The entity allegedly uses the approach of research. They are also utilizing technology to yield high benefits for traders. They want to liberate those struggling financially to attain financial freedom.

The platform even fakes its history in the market. It is absurd because anyone can search when a firm was started. We also believe the venture manipulates the statistics to get more customers. We lost confidence by detecting this red flag.

Ultimate Cryptotrade Review, Ultimate Cryptotrade Company

Ultimate Cryptotrade is a pyramid scheme. They are not trading cryptocurrencies. The company does not have investment products or services. Investing here exposes you to severe risks. The platform collects funds from clients and redistributes the money to those requesting withdrawal.

In the end, the cash-out request usually surpasses the money coming into the system. The venture is infamous. They are several referral bonuses advertised on the website. Refrain from depositing money in this dirty scheme.

You can trade by using the best cryptocurrency exchanges. They are secure and boost your confidence. Additionally, the companies are also reliable with pocket-friendly fees. Try them today and have the best experience.

Ultimate Cryptotrade Bonus

The venture has a four-referral program. The minimum amount that you can invest is $50 up to $4999. We find the amount unreasonable, especially because the entity is neither mining nor trading digital currencies.

The returns that clients expect to generate are 1.80%. The plan runs for one month. The more money you deposit, the higher the ROI. The other packages’ profits are as follows; 2.50%, 3%, and 3.80%. Ultimate Cryptotrade is neither trading nor mining.

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Ultimatecryptotrade.com Scam Review, Ultimatecryptotrade.com Investment Plans

The company does not have mining equipment. Usually, you will get the legit entity to discuss the drawdown and the average win rates to expect. Additionally, the results are available for all to view and analyze.

Mining consumes high electrical power. The hardware and software are also expensive. It is the reason investors end up joining mining pools and companies with running equipment. There is no evidence that Ultimate Cryptotrade is trading.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Ultimate Cryptotrade can only be reached via email. The venture does not have a phone number. Therefore, you cannot call them to make a follow-up on your investment. Additionally, no corporate supervises the activities of this platform.

The entity operates on its own accord doing whatever it pleases. Once they exit the industry, you will not be able to make trace them. Ensure that you check on the experience of other traders before investing. You will know the kind of services to expect.

Ultimate Cryptotrade is a ghost company that does not have existing clients. The platform uses luring figures, but there is no evidence of payment. Additionally, nobody endorses this firm if they are as good as they claim where clients are shying away from endorsing the venture.

The broker alleged location is in Australia. However, the false address. The scam cannot be this reckless to set themselves up. Their clients can find them. Additionally, the government would incriminate the fraudsters.

Regulation and Registration of Ultimate Cryptotrade

The offshore platform does not have a license from a reputable financial body. If you want to identify an illegal investment, check whether they are running their business legally. After checking on the database of FCA, CySEC, ASIC, and NFA, we found no record of Ultimate Cryptotrade.

Therefore, we can confidently say that this is an outlaw crypto venture. Trading with an authorized firm puts your funds at greater risk. Stay away from unregulated entities. The firm shall cease operating soon.

Furthermore, the financial watchdogs’ main intention is to protect investors. They require a platform to have a reveal the qualification of the fund managers. It builds confidence in the customers. The platform must also deposit huge capital in their account before starting their business. The amount depends on the area the firm is operating from.

The money can be used to compensate investors if a company faces bankruptcy. It also ensures the broker offers the best trading conditions. Customers are protected against facing high risks. The law also ensures that the company provides the necessary information about their whereabouts.

The Domain Insight

Ultimate Cryptotrade has been in the industry for years. The info from Whois.com shows the registration was in February 2018. The domain is expected to expire in Feb 2022. The company has had enough time to prove its legitimacy. However, we are surprised that the entity still doesn’t have a license.

Additionally, the people operating the firm are anonymous. The platform does not have a trading history. It has nothing to show concerning their performance. Why would you risk giving them the benefit of the doubt?

Can I Earn Money using Ultimate Cryptotrade

Unfortunately, this entity is a Ponzi scheme targeting investors from all over the world. It is a surprise that they are still in the market. The company is thriving in anonymity. They leave no traces or evidence of investment taking place on their website.

Invest your money at Ultimate Cryptotrade at your own risk. The broker’s information about their business is a complete joke. The platform even claims to be trading forex. The currency pairs that they offer are undisclosed.

Furthermore, the entity does not have client reviews. Therefore, you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Anonymous firms’ end up leaving the industry, leaving many people disappointed. You can trade wisely with established crypto platforms.

It is important that you invest with a platform that has been in the market for years. The broker does not clarify whether investors are expected to pay fees. The consequences that shall follow trusting the venture are dire.

Ultimate Cryptotrade features a fake history to get more victims. The entity lacks professionalism. Moreover, whoever is behind this platform lacks adequate information on forex and crypto trading. Invest with an entity that has to win the heart of many traders to generate real-time profits.

Final Verdict

The company is not only dealing with crypto but also stocks, commodities, forex, and indices. The firm, however, fails to disclose the trading currencies they provide. The entity does not discuss the withdrawal and deposit requirements.

Ultimate Cryptotrade assures clients they will not suffer from losses. The market is volatile, and it is inevitable to lose. The loopholes surrounding this entity are enough to keep you off. They fail to disclose the location of the firm.

Invest with reputable transparent crypto trading exchanges. These ventures have been in existence for the longest time. They also have sound customer support, and in case of any problem, the firm responds fast.

Is Ultimate Cryptotrade trading Cryptocurrency?

Unfortunately, the company is not trading. It is a pyramid scheme relying on referrals.

What is the Location of Ultimate Cryptotrade?

The company local is an unresolved mystery.

Does Ultimate Cryptotrade has a License?

No. The company is an outlaw.

Are the payment method of Ultimate Cryptotrade secure?

No. The company uses methods that don’t allow investors to issue a chargeback.

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