Village of Mt. Pleasant, Ohio Mt. Pleasant Ohio


Complaint: The village of Mt. Pleasant is wasting and misusing tax payer money. They are denying public safety service (police dept.) in a reasonable form. They are misusing taxpayers money and refusing to make public records open for review. Under the previous Mayor the council and former mayor would travel thru the village intimidating certain citizens and abusing their authority and over stepping their powers, The current mayor allows the police chief to skip serving and protecting the village and allowing the police chief to stay away for weeks and in some instances months on end without working. The mayor and council allow the police chief to sit in the station and not patrol and permits him to sit on the police station and play on the internet and watch TV while on the clock and do nothing to make him patrol the village. The village administrator is allowed to go door to door and intimidate and harass the citizens and deny them their civil rights and rights as a taxpayers. The village allows drug dealers to run rampant and does not make the police chief do anything about it. They allow non-street legal vehicles to run at dangerous speeds thru the village. The mayor and council do not require the police chief to return complaints called into the police station. The mayor and council do not even have a working telephone number to get hold of the mayor. They deny that any residents are child molestors but a man was arrested for making and selling child pornography but choose to tell the residents that it didnt happen.

Tags: Government Services

Address: Concord Street, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio Mt. Pleasant, Ohio United States of America


Phone: 740-769-2603

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