Vision Investments – Short Sales Magic Dur North Carolina Review


I filed a “Ripoff”” report on these businesses a couple months ago and I want to “”update”” it. After 5 months of back & forth communications with the top/chiefs

they still “”will not accept”” my explanations for a refund. I’ve also sent complaint reports to: State Atty. General’s Consumer Protection Agencies

the Utah BBB all of whom state “”refusal”” of the named businesses to refund my tuition money.n Important Info Now: for other consumer complaints to Ripoff Scamss: submit your complaint to the IRS like I did. They have an “”online form”” to complete for your complaint – which asks the IRS to investigate the fraudulent and deceptive practices of these businesses. nLorrainenDur

North CarolinaU.S.A.” American Fork, Utah U.S.A.

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