YotaCash Review: YotaCash.com a Sophisticated Scam


YotaCash is an embarrassment in the financial market. The venture lacks all the aspects of serious crypto brokers. We did not find anything worthy of praise. The design of the website is also poorly done. If they can’t hire a professional designer what makes you think the entity will help generate high income?

Their promise to help investors attain financial freedom is vague. Furthermore, this broker does not have trading tools. Clients are promised the best outcome yet the broker is afraid to publish its trading results.

YotaCash accepts funds via Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, and PayPal. The company does not feature what makes them stand out from its competitors. There are a thousand investment companies in the market.

YotaCash Review, YotaCash Company

Each of them upvotes themselves by claiming to be the best. However, it is only a few of them that proves their legitimacy. If you are not careful it’s possible to lose all your saving to fraudsters. Therefore, we suggest that you analyze a platform keenly before depositing funds.

In the meantime, you can check out these amazing crypto exchanges that are leading worldwide. The entities have reasonable fees and accept investors from all over the world. What stopping you from exploiting the available opportunity? Register with them today!

YotaCash.com Review

YotaCash allegedly does not require investors to avail personal data. The registration process is swift. However, with legit investment companies its mandatory to verify their information. It makes them professional. They also don’t share your data with third parties.

The minimum amount that one can deposit and withdraw is $0.10. The profits are paid automatically to the investor’s account after a request. Moreover, this entity has 4 investment accounts. They also urge investors to refer as many people as they can to increase their payout.

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YotaCash claims investors can earn 2% ROI daily. This is much money and many will take the offer with both arms. Sadly, when it comes to getting your funds it will turn to a cat chase mouse game. The broker is exploiting clients.

The problem with the pyramid scheme is that they don’t last long. The withdrawal requests always surpass the depositing coming into the system. The minimum amount to deposit in the platform might sound little to some. However, when they collect from thousands of investors the con artists will be rich by the time their business cease operating.

Our best advice is to refrain from depositing money into this dirty scheme. You can get better transparent crypto exchanges in the market. Moreover, a genuine entity features all the necessary information of the assets they avail.

Investment Plans and Returns

As we have mentioned earlier the entity has four investment packages. The profits are as follows from the mini to the mega account; 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%. The higher the amount that one is willing to deposit the higher the outcome.

Multiple fraudsters in the industry have used this notion. The affiliate bonus of YotaCash is also absurd. It increases downwards and it appears as follows; 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%. We believe this is a ploy to get more customers and motivate existing investors to utilize the opportunity.

YotaCash.com Review, YotaCash.com Returns

When you keenly look at the referral commission, you will notice something is off. The pyramid scheme allegedly has the possibility of making someone rich overnight. It can only happen in Utopia. The authority will close down this entity at any given time.

You can get a genuine broker in the market. All you have to do is educate yourself first on the basics of investing. This will assist you to distinguish a fraud from a legit platform. Ensure you trade wisely. Watch out for con artists because they are everywhere and their story keeps getting sweeter.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The company features an address of Mauritius. YotaCash has a phone number and an email address that users can use to reach them. However, they are using a VoIP phone number in the USA. The only reason that the broker avails this info is for them to appear credible.

However, the actual locale of the platform is a mystery. Your attempt to contact them will hit a rock. Scammers avoid the disturbance of those that they have conned. They deactivate the number to avoid being called.

YotaCash Inc oversees the activities of this broker. However, we did not find it registered or regulated anywhere in the world. This is a formulated name for transparency purposes. We don’t recommend them to traders.

Regulation Status of YotaCash

The company is an offshore venture that does not have a license. What is even worse is the fact that the entity does not have Terms and Condition Policy. It means that this entity does not have rules that govern them.

YotaCash can inflict charges on investors at any time. You cannot trust and even if the platform states it does not have fees for withdrawal this is not in writing. Furthermore, they do not segregate investors’ funds in separate accounts.

Signing up to this broker is unwise. The firm does not mention the banks it collaborates with and this is enough proof that your cash goes to their pockets. You will fatten their account as your run out of money. Legit crypto platforms take good care of their customers.

Can I earn Profits with YotaCash?

Unfortunately, this platform will not generate returns for investors. The entity is a straightforward Ponzi scheme. The information available on its website does not prove there is trading taking place. Additionally, YotaCash does not disclose where it gets the high returns from.

Therefore, without knowing the technique that the platform is using we can conclude they don’t have investment products or services. Earn real-time returns by trying out our recommended exchanges. Moreover, this venture does not have clients’ reviews.

The figure they are advertising should be able to win them endorsement from multiple people. YotaCash wants investors to refer multiple people for them to earn. It’s unwise to invite someone to this venture knowing it is doomed to fail.

The Domain Insight

The platform is at its initial stage. They might pay to win the confidence of clients. However, this entity is barely a year old. Furthermore, the entity is only registered for a period of one year. It is most likely they will not come back to business after this expiry.

The traffic visiting this platform is high which shows their plan is working. The total global engagement of YotaCash.com is 437,887. Most of their customers come from Russia, Bangladesh, and Ukraine.

Final Verdict

YotaCash is a platform that nobody knows its location. The broker thrives on being anonymous. It’s unwise to trust people whom you don’t know their qualifications with your money. Furthermore, once they disappear the mission to trace them will be impossible.

The company additionally does not have a license. The most baffling fact is that the broker (we should even be calling it that) does not disclose their area of specialization. Therefore, we don’t know if the entity is trading cryptocurrencies or forex.

We suggest that you invest with the best digital currency exchanges that have unbeatable reputation. You can research on them and get more insight. These companies have a trading history and the testimonials from their clients speak on their behalf.

Is YotaCash Legit?

No, the company does not have a license.

Is the customer Support of YotaCash Sound?

No, the broker won’t respond to your queries.

Is it possible to earn money using YotaCash?

You cannot generate returns by using a scam.

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