ZetBull Review: ZetBull.com Avoid this Extreame Scam


ZetBull is, unfortunately, one of the scams that will leave many clients devastated. The only thing that this broker has is a perfect sales pitch. We got to give them credit when it’s due. All the other stuff on their website is to motivate investors to join them.

There are numerous ways of earning money online. You can either trade in forex by selecting the popular currency pairs. Additionally, you can trade stock or cryptos. However, there is a high need to be careful since it’s a man eats man market.

ZetBull Review, ZetBull Company

Scammers exploit innocent and naïve clients in the hope of becoming millionaires. They target gullible traders who lack adequate knowledge of the market. The website is not appealing, and once you grasp it, you will quickly notice something is off!

ZetBull has recently attained a year in the industry. They are in celebration mode for not being exposed for their shady activities. The returns which the firm projects are luring but unrealistic. Traders will only lose funds by joining this scam.

There are genuine ways that you can use to earn decent returns. The legit crypto trading exchanges make it possible for investors to explore and exploit the market. You also rest assured of getting the best services. Invest wisely and watch out for the scammers.

ZetBull.com Review

We are surprised that there are still people that fall for the so obvious Ponzi schemes. 1.5% daily ROI is a Utopic dream. The industry has multiple factors that make it hard to generate constant profits. For instance, we have recently seen the drop of BTC in value.

Cryptocurrency is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The assets are interesting, and the volatility can result in making huge profits. However, you need to be watchful of the fraudsters who keep flooding the industry quotidian.

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Moreover, this nasty firm brags about having the best features. The entity is accepting clients from all over the world. The question that should be lingering in your mind is whether the platform is operating legally. Unfortunately, ZetBull violates multiple rules.

The entity is unreliable as it does not offer fund safety. The only thing that it has to show is a DDoS certificate. Hackers cannot access the info of clients. However, the people you should be careful about are the ones running this scheme.

They do not care about users’ experience as long as they get money. The company exploits traders. The fast withdrawal promise is false. Your cry of asking for your funds will land on deaf ears. The broker can also misuse your data by sharing what you provide with a third party.

Investment Plans and Returns

ZetBull is a company with multiple trading accounts. There are 7 useless investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is zero. Ridiculous, right, and you can generate a return from u to 6500%? Of course, the more money you cash in, the greater the rewards.

ZetBull.com Scam Review, ZetBull.com Features

The Ponzi scheme is playing mind games with traders. They know you are in a desperate situation to earn an extra coin. Therefore, the make the dream of becoming rich overnight sounds realistic. The spiced lies will only leave a dent in your pocket.

There are several complaints from investors that should keep you off the company. Be smart and learn from the mistake of others. There are better ways in the market of investing. ZetBull is a broker that doesn’t help anyone.

Does ZetBull have a License?

Unfortunately, the multinational firm violates multiple rules of financial watchdogs. The entity is neither registered nor licensed. The firm lacks transparency, and it’s hard to track them down. They brag about being situated in England.

However, we were not surprised to find the ZetBull, not in the FCA database. The Financial Conduct Authority ensures investors get the best out of investment companies. It requires a platform to have a capital of 730K EUR in its name.

The money is reimbursed to investors when a firm faces bankruptcy. Additionally, the fund managers and the people behind a venture are disclosed. It is only the serious platforms that get a certificate from the regulatory body.

ZetBull is an illegal scheme unworthy of investors’ trust. It will leave many high and dry. A certificate of registration does not clear up their name. You need to be careful when dealing with anonymous entities.

The trading conditions of the companies are also unknown. You won’t know what you are getting yourself into. The platform might also change its terms and conditions without notifying traders. There is no certainty with this broker.

Customer Support

ZetBull allegedly can be contacted via email, phone, or live support. It is, however, important for investors to check on the FAQ before anything else. We are yet to encounter a scam that has sound customer support. The con artist will only serve you when they get something out of it.

Once you run out of funds, you become useless. The support won’t pick up your call. Additionally, your email will go unanswered. Avoid unprofessional treatment by registering with the best crypto entities. You will get the best services.

The Domain Insight

ZetBull.com is a company that was established in 2019. The unique fraud has a domain registered for 10 years. They plan to be around for years. However, this does not clear up their name. The firm remains a nasty, outrageous Ponzi scheme.

The firm has high global traffic. Its engagement is at 49,155. Their customers mainly come from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria. We hope this review serves as a warning to anyone tempted to test the water with the firm.

Serious Red Flags of ZetBull

The company, for starters, does not have a regulatory form. Therefore, it operates as it pleases. No one will hold them accountable once the firm ceases to exist. The activities of ZetBull are not supervised by any corporate.

Moreover, there is no segregation of funds. Money that clients deposit goes to the pocket of fraudsters. The entity accepts funds via Perfect money and cryptos like; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash.

The above methods do not permit investors to issue a chargeback. Your cash, therefore, shall be trapped in the system. The venture does not provide fund safety to customers. The location of ZetBull is also unknown.

The person behind the dirty scheme is smart and keen on the details provided. Finally but not least, the returns the broker advertises are absurd. The company does not show trading results. Moreover, there are no investors with proof of payment.

Final Verdict

ZetBull claims it has vast trading experience. The company speaks highly about itself but provides no proof. The professionals they brag about are not credited. It makes us question their business. The firm is bluffing to get the trust of traders. There is no evidence of investment activities occurring in the venture.

Their referral bonus is mind-blowing. Once you invite someone to this Ponzi scheme, know they will hold you accountable for their misfortune. This losing company clearly is after people funds. You will not make a profit from this system.

Ensure you trade with reputable crypto trading exchanges that are transparent. You will earn real-time profits while you enjoy high security. The exchanges also charge pocket-friendly fees compared to their competitors. The platforms have established themselves and have years of experience to display their success. Sign up Today!

Is ZetBull trading Cryptocurrency?

Unfortunately, the company is not trading. It is a pyramid scheme relying on referrals.

Is ZetBull Located in the UK?

No. The company local is an unresolved mystery.

Does ZetBull has a License?

No. The company is an outlaw.

Are the payment method of ZetBull secure?

No. The company uses methods that don’t allow investors to issue a chargeback.

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