Corsair Group Review: Pillaging what’s left of Cloud Horizon


In a nutshell, Corsair Group is what’s left of Cloud Horizon.

Cloud Horizon was a Ponzi scheme launched by Frank Ricketts in early 2019.

Ricketts scamming goes back years. BehindMLM first records of it dates back to 2011 with Unaico and SiteTalk; a combination of pyramid and investment fraud.

When those scams collapsed, Ricketts rebooted the business as The Opportunity Network.

In early 2016 Ricketts sold off The Opportunity Network’s list of investors to OneCoin.

In addition to an undisclosed sum of money, Ricketts was also gifted a OneCoin Black Diamond investment position.

Behind the scenes Ricketts is believed to have been instrumental in setting up OneCoin’s shell company money laundering network.

When OneCoin collapsed in 2017 Ricketts disappeared. He resurfaced in mid 2018 as CEO of the AuLives Ponzi scheme.

AuLives flopped, prompting Ricketts to register the Cloud Horizon website domain on November 30th, 2018.

Cloud Horizon was essentially Ricketts own version of OneCoin, complete with ORT and ORTP Ponzi points imported from Orientum, another collapsed Ponzi scheme Ricketts had a behind-the-scenes hand in.

Cloud Horizon initially targeted victims in south-east Asia, many of them victims of OneCoin.

This flopped, prompting Ricketts to shift focus to the UK, again targeting the former OneCoin community there.

By mid 2019 or so Ricketts cashed out and bailed, leaving failed OneCoin scammer Staffan Liback in charge.

Under Liback’s leadership Cloud Horizon continued to flounder. One initiative Liback attempted was Crypto Community World.

Crypto Community World was a new ruse to replace the Thailand plastic recycling = magic money original ruse nobody was buying. It failed to gain any traction.

By late 2019 Liback was begging Ricketts to come out of hiding and resume executive leadership.

Ricketts returned as “Captain” of Cloud Horizon in January 2020.

At some point the ORT and ORTP Ponzi points from Orientum were ditched. They were replaced with FLP, another non-publicly traded Ponzi token.

Ricketts also introduced new recycling ruses, supposed “polypetron plants” in France.

In May 2020 Cloud Horizon as a brand was abandoned. The domain was briefly  redirected to Crypto Community World’s website. It was then redirected again to Amplivo’s website.

Amplivo is a shell company Ricketts set up to further push the Thailand recycling plant narrative behind Cloud Horizon.

In June 2020 FLP were downgraded to a gateway to ISF tokens.

ISF tokens were launching in conjunction with Mountain Wolf Bank, a resurrected attempt to attach an internal exchange to Ecovo-Amplivo (what Cloud Horizon had been rebranded as at this point).

Mountain Wolf Bank gave Ricketts a launching pad for future shitcoin launches. The first of which was ECO in September 2020.

ECO’s launch coincided with Corsair Group, a new brand to replace Ecovo-Amplivo branding (the concepts behind which never went anywhere).

Technically speaking Corsair Group was Socium Holdings renamed. Socium Holdings being another shell company Ricketts set up as part of Cloud Horizon.

Sometime in Q3 2020 Staffan Liback cashed out and disappeared. His last known location was Thailand.

He did surface briefly in December 2020 as a promoter of OmegaPro, another Ponzi scheme albeit unrelated to Cloud Horizon.

Corsair Group saw the introduction of SusNova tokens, which were no different to the other Ponzi tokens launched before it.

After setting up Corsair Group Frank Ricketts once again cashed out and disappeared.

Jussi Saloranta, an old associate of Staffan Liback’s and Rickett’s chosen frontman for Sepco Industries, was left in charge as Corsair Group’s CEO.

Today Corsair Group operates from the domain “”. Things have deteriorated to the point traffic to Corsair Group’s website isn’t measured by Alexa.

Jussi Saloranta has promoted himself to Corsair Group’s Chairman of the Board.

Corsair Group markets itself as “an International Consortium of Companies”, which is a fancy term given to the shell company’s Frank Ricketts set up to launder invested funds through.

These include Sepco, Socium Holdings, Ecovo, Amplivo, EltronX and Plastic Waste Solution.

No doubt there are others I’ve missed and those kept secret to set up bank accounts through (one of Frank Rickett’s specialties).

To keep things simple Rickett’s Cloud Horizon shell companies are grouped under Corsair Group.

Naturally Corsair Group provides no indication it’s an MLM company on its website.

In fact Corsair Group explicitly prohibit their affiliates from giving the game away to potential recruits:

The Introducer is NOT allowed to:

1. Give a business presentation or present a Investment Memorandum.

2. Provide a lead with company information or documents other than that what is provided via the website.

Bollocks to that, read on for a full review of Corsair Group’s MLM opportunity.

Corsair Group’s Products

Corsair Group has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Corsair Group affiliate membership itself.

Corsair Group’s Compensation Plan

Corsair Group affiliates sign up and invest in FLP tokens, which are used to acquire ISF tokens.

FLP tokens are ironically named “Free Loyalty Points”, despite costing €1 EUR to 1 FLP to invest in.

FLP tokens are invested in through Ecovo investment packages, of which there are five tiers:

  • Starter – invest €295 EUR and receive 295 FLP
  • Bronze – invest €995 EUR and receive 995 FLP
  • Silver – invest €1995 EUR and receive 1995 FLP
  • Gold – invest €4995 EUR and receive 4995 FLP
  • Platinum – invest €9900 EUR and receive 9900 FLP

Note that Corsair Group do not publish the current FLP to ISF token exchange rate.

Corsair Group Affiliate Ranks

There are two tiers of affiliate ranks within Corsair Group’s compensation plan.

The first tier is used to pay residual commissions and consists of five affiliate ranks:

  • Independent Associate – sign up as a Corsair Group affiliate and recruit one affiliate
  • Junior Associate – recruit two affiliates and generate 1800 GV
  • Senior Associate – recruit three affiliates and generate 4500 GV
  • Executive Associate – maintain three personally recruited affiliates and generate 9000 GV
  • Senior Executive Associate – maintain three personally recruited affiliates and generate 12,000 GV

The second tier is used to pay the Matching Bonus and consists of seven ranks:

  • 1 Star – recruit two affiliates and generate 10,000 GV in Ecovo package investment volume
  • 2 Star – maintain two personally recruited affiliates (one 1 Star) and generate 50,000 GV in Ecovo package investment volume
  • 3 Star – recruit three 2 Star affiliates and generate 250,000 GV in Ecovo package investment volume
  • 4 Star – recruit five affiliates (three 3 Stars) and generate 1,000,000 GV in Ecovo package investment volume
  • 5 Star – maintain five personally recruited affiliates (three 4 Stars) and generate 2,000,000 GV in Ecovo package investment volume
  • 6 Star – recruit ten affiliates (three 5 Stars) and generate 10,000,000 GV in Ecovo package investment volume
  • 7 Star – maintain ten personally recruited affiliates (three 6 Stars) and generate 50,000,000 GV in Ecovo package investment volume

GV stands for “Group Volume” and is Ecovo package investment volume generated by personal investment and downline recruitment.

  • investment in a Starter package generates 265 GV
  • investment in a Bronze package generates 900 GV
  • investment in a Silver package generates 1800 GV
  • investment in a Gold package generates 4500 GV
  • investment in a Platinum package generates 9000 GV

Personal investment GV doesn’t expire and is counted at 100% of generated GV.

Downline investment GV resets every 28 days and is counted at 25% of generated GV.

Note that for the Star ranks, no more than 50% of required GV can come from any one unilevel team leg.

Once qualified for, Corsair Group affiliate ranks are retained indefinitely.

Finally, when a new Corsair Group affiliate signs up they receive a 28 day Fast Start cycle period.

During this period, GV rank requirements are reduced by 50%.

Residual Commissions

Corsair Group pays residual commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Corsair Group caps payable unilevel team levels at five.

Residual commissions are paid out as a percentage of Ecovo investment packages as follows:

  • Independent Associates earn 12% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • Junior Associates earn 12% on level 1 and 8% on level 2
  • Senior Associates earn 12% on level 1 and 8% on levels 2 and 3
  • Executive earn 12% on level 1, 8% on levels 2 and 3 and 5% on level 4
  • Senior Executives earn 12% on level 1, 8% on levels 2 and 3 and 5% on levels 4 and 5

Commissions earned on unilevel levels not qualified for are passed up to the first level-qualified upline.

Note that 30% of residual commissions earned are held back for mandatory reinvestment.

Corsair Group also pays a 100% residual commission match in FLP tokens.

Matching Bonus

Corsair Group pays a Matching Bonus on residual commissions earned by downline affiliates.

The Matching Bonus is tracked using the same unilevel team used to pay residual commissions, capped at ten unilevel team levels.

  • 1 Star (generate €10,000 EUR in downline Ecovo package investment) – receive a 5% cash and 5% FLP match on levels 1 and 2
  • 2 Star (generate €50,000 EUR in downline Ecovo package investment) – receive a 5% cash and 5% FLP match on levels 1 to 4
  • 3 Star (generate €250,000 EUR in downline Ecovo package investment) – receive a 5% cash and 5% FLP match on levels 1 to 4 and 3% cash and 3% FLP on levels 5 and 6
  • 4 Star (generate €1,000,000 EUR in downline Ecovo package investment) – receive a 5% cash and 5% FLP match on levels 1 to 4 and 3% cash and 3% FLP on levels 5 to 7
  • 5 Star (generate €2,000,000 EUR in downline Ecovo package investment) – receive a 5% cash and 5% FLP match on levels 1 to 4 and 3% cash and 3% FLP on levels 5 to 8
  • 6 Star (generate €10,000,000 EUR in downline Ecovo package investment) – receive a 5% cash and 5% FLP match on levels 1 to 4, 3% cash and 3% FLP on levels 5 to 8 and 2% cash and 2% FLP on level 9
  • 7 Star (generate €50,000,000 EUR in downline Ecovo package investment) – receive a 5% cash and 5% FLP match on levels 1 to 4, 3% cash and 3% FLP on levels 5 to 8 and 2% cash and 2% FLP on levels 9 and 10

Rank Achievement Bonus

Corsair Group rewards affiliates for qualifying at the Star ranks as follows:

  • qualify as a 1 Star and receive 100 FLP
  • qualify as a 2 Star and receive 500 FLP
  • qualify as a 3 Star and receive 2000 FLP and a “4-day all-inclusive team building trip (3 nights)”
  • qualify as a 4 Star and receive 10,000 FLP and Apple products valued at €5000 EUR
  • qualify as a 5 Star and receive 20,000 FLP and a “prestigious watch” valued at €20,000 EUR
  • qualify as a 6 Star and receive 100,000 FLP and a “presigious watch or car” valued at €100,000 EUR
  • qualify as a 7 Star and receive 500,000 FLP and a “luxury property” valued at €900,000 EUR

Note that from 4 Star, the prize can be exchanged for an 80% value cash equivalent.

Infinity Bonus

The Infinity Bonus pays a commission on unilevel team level legs, excluding the strongest leg (the leg with the most volume).

The Infinity Bonus is paid out as a weekly percentage of unilevel team legs based on rank:

  • 1 Stars receive a 2% cash and 2% FLP Infinity Bonus
  • 2 Stars receive a 3% cash and 3% FLP Infinity Bonus
  • 3 Stars receive a 4% cash and 4% FLP Infinity Bonus
  • 4 Stars receive a 5% cash and 5% FLP Infinity Bonus
  • 5 Stars and higher receive a 6% cash and 6% FLP Infinity Bonus

Customer Acquisition Bonus

The Customer Acquisition Bonus pays on Ecovo package investment, restricted to three unilevel team levels.

  • personally generate five Ecovo package investments for a total of 1000 GV, and receive a 4% CAB on level 1
  • personally generate ten Ecovo package investments for a total of 10,000 GV, and receive a 4% CAB on level 1 and 3% on level 2
  • personally generate twenty Ecovo package investments for a total of 20,000 GV, and receive a 4% CAB on level 1, 3% on level 2 and 2% on level 3

Joining Corsair Group

Corsair Group affiliate membership is €95 EUR.

While this provides access to Corsair Group’s compensation plan, new affiliates are strongly advised to sign up with an Ecovo investment package:

  • Starter – €295 EUR
  • Bronze – €995 EUR
  • Silver – €1995 EUR
  • Gold – €4995 EUR
  • Platinum – €9900 EUR


To keep thing simple, I’ve treating all of the companies Frank Ricketts has created tied to Corsair Group as one and the same.

These companies can all be traced back to Cloud Horizon, and are components of the same Ponzi scheme.

That Ponzi scheme has evolved from Cloud Horizon to see affiliates now invest in FLP tokens, which are converted to ISF tokens.

ISF tokens are accumulated with the aim of exchanging them for real money. This is how a return is realized, and it is paid through however Corsair Group have set up their internal exchagne.

Note that Corsair Group do not disclose the current internal ISF token exchange rate on any of their company websites.

In any event, the only verifiable source of revenue entering Corsair Group is new investment, meaning the company pays withdrawal requests using new investment.

All the garbage about recycling plants is smoke and mirrors.

One of the goals of Corsair Group International is to become a major producer of Avanced BioFuel by developing Waste Plastic to Fuel production facility all over the world.

If external revenue of any kind was actually being generated and used to pay ISF token withdrawals, Corsair Group would be registered to offer securities in every jurisdiction it solicits investment in.

Instead you have the same investment fraud Frank Ricketts has been engaged in for over a decade.

Multiple names, same underlying fraudulent investment scheme.

The other side of Corsair Group is affiliate recruitment, which adds an additional pyramid layer to the scheme.

“Customers” are mentioned by Corsair Group promoters in their presentations, however it should be obvious that nobody outside of the income opportunity is dropping thousands of euro on a Ponzi scheme run by serial-scammers.

As an MLM reviewer the Ponzi/pyramid side of Corsair Group is simple. What keeps this scam alive is the intentional complexity Ricketts creates.

This takes form by way of multiple shell companies, and that’s just what we see publicly.

As Ricketts created for OneCoin, you can be sure there’s a boatload of shell company layers behind the schemes being used to launder Corsair Group funds through.

The good news is that’s a headache you as a potential Corsair Group investor don’t have to worry about – at least not in the same way I have to in piecing this all together.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruitment dries up so too will new investment.

This will starve Corsair Group of ROI revenue, leaving them unable to pay ISF token withdrawals.

At this point Corsair Group collapses, with math guaranteeing the majority of participants take a loss.

What happens next?

Pretty much what Ricketts and the gang have been doing since they launched Cloud Horizon.

New Ponzi tokens, new shell companies – over and over again until authorities in Europe and south-east Asia take former OneCoin scammers seriously.

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