Fatma Adel Sekik v. Nehad Abdelnabi


11/18/2020 IN THE COURT OF APPEALS OF TENNESSEE AT KNOXVILLE July 21, 2020 Session FATMA ADEL SEKIK v. NEHAD ABDELNABI ET AL. Appeal from the Circuit Court for Knox County No. 126002 Gregory S. McMillan, Judge ___________________________________ No. E2019-01302-COA-R3-CV ___________________________________ In this divorce appeal, Husband challenges the court’s failure to grant a continuance, the child support and alimony obligation imposed, and certain provisions of the parenting plan prohibiting contact with his children and revoking the parental rights set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated section 36-6-101(a)(3)(B). This proceeding also involved allegations of a conspiracy to defraud Wife of funds resulting from a sale of marital property in Gaza during the pendency of the divorce by Husband, his brother, and his brother’s wife; those non- spousal parties challenge the court’s jurisdiction over them and over the property in Gaza, as well as the court’s valuation of that property. They also challenge the court’s rulings that they engaged in a civil conspiracy and whether the judgment imposed against them is supported by the pleadings and the evidence. Upon our review of the issues raised, we discern no reversible error in the rulings of the court and accordingly affirm it in all respects. Tenn. R. App. P. 3 Appeal as of Right; Judgment of the Circuit Court Affirmed J. STEVEN STAFFORD, P.J. W.S., delivered the opinion of the court, in which ARNOLD B. GOLDIN and CARMA DENNIS MCGEE, JJ., joined. Matthew D. Barocas, Knoxville, Tennessee, for the appellants, Nahed Abdulnabi and Rewa Gharbawe. Nehad Abdelnabi, Only, Tennessee, Pro Se. Wanda G. Sobieski, Diane M. Messer, Caitlin Elledge, Zachary T. Powers, and Laura E. Wyrick, Knoxville, Tennessee, for the appellee, Fatma Adel Sekik. OPINION FACTUAL AND PROCEDURAL HISTORY This appeal arises out of a divorce proceeding. Fatma Adel Sekik (“Wife” or “Mother”) and Nehad Abdelnabi (“Husband” or “Father”) are from the Middle East; Wife is from Cairo, Egypt, and Husband is from Palestine. The parties were married in 1996 in Egypt and moved to the United States shortly thereafter, where they resided in Knoxville, Tennessee. The parties have four children. Their third child, Hamza, was born in 2002 and has special needs. Husband is an “electronics technician” and owned an electronics business in Knoxville. He also oversaw the financial aspects of family life, including the buying and selling of real property during the marriage, such as the real property located in the Gaza Strip that is the subject of many issues raised in this appeal. Wife primarily took care of the parties’ home and four children. Wife also works part-time from home, translating Arabic conversations by phone, for which she is paid by the minute. Their home was not entirely a happy one, as Wife and her two daughters testified about the emotional and physical abuse Husband inflicted on the family members. The breakdown of the marital relationship accelerated in February 2012, when Husband kidnapped and assaulted a man named Naser Ferwanah, with whom he believed Wife was having an affair. He was indicted for …

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