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  • So Iíll throw in my perspective as a happy customer and someone who is going to try Griddy Pro.

    1. Griddy is a good product and it actually saves you money. It is straightforward even though most people donít want to deal with that much trouble of watching the price.

    2. With a little bit of polish, Griddy is EASILY the best way to buy electricity. They just need to convince people to get a few smart home apps. For example, I got tired of manually messing with my AC, so I got a smart thermostat and connected it with IFTT, so now I donít have to worry about my AC running when the wholesale price is high. I think a few other things, like an LED light that goes off when the prices at high so that you know to not run the washing machine or the dryer and to just wait. The review you showed was from a freak incident. August 2019 was when the wholesale rate was crazy because a hurricane came through, power plants were shut down, etc. It was really a perfect storm. If you were on top of it, then it didnít cost that much. If you just used your electricity like normal, then yes you had a high bill. It isnít for everyone, but if someone wants to save $400+ without really too much effort, then this is for them. Iíve been using it for a year and a half and I stuck with it after 2019 because I understood the model. I saved $300 this summer and Iím a low usage customer. Iím sure high usage customers saved much more.

    3. I donít think they have a false savings model. They say that Texans pay 12.5 cents on average. That seems right to me. IDK if the author of this article buys the hype of the 10 cent plans, but those are actually just 16 cent rates packaged with $100 credit at 1000 kwh usage. If you use exactly 1000 kwh, then yes you can get 10 cents for your rate. Iím also on 10 cents with my rate, but I donít have to target an exact usage. The savings number they give is accurate and Iím not sure that you explained clearly enough (for me at least) to see where they are deceptive or misleading in that area. Also, Texas Electricity Ratings is going to recommend things that you can get from their website. You sign up for Griddy through their app, so TER is probably mad that they don’t get a cut. They’ll probably change their tune once they become a Griddy Pro.

    4. They do have some stuff up their sleeves. They are going to have a price lock feature so that people donít have 2019 happen on them. They can lock in a price and Griddy becomes a regular company to them. So they can go back to wholesale when they want to take their own risk. If they want to hedge their bets, they can switch to Griddyís locked in rate and the customers are treated like a normal customer where they donít save the money for themselves. IMO this is the missing piece and the whole MLM part is a weird quirk, but Iím not imagining having any trouble getting friends and family to sign up for Griddy.

    5. This is my first time using this site, so IDK if you canít advertise, but if you are going to sign up for griddy pro, then sign up with me and I’ll show how it works. www.griddypro.com/purplejaek


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