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Matt Riesenweber Doesnít Respect his Clients – Uses Harsh Tone and Avoids any Questions
Do anything except hiring Cornerstone Wealth Strategies. Itís a financial planner firm in Kennewick, Washington and has some of the worst and indecent professionals of the area. 
My financial advisor, Matt Riesenweber, would never listen to anything I say and always use demeaning terms in a meeting. He talks in a rude manner and acts as a know-all. Instead of asking me what I wanted to achieve financially, he would tell me what I should think of. Matt is a micro-manager and treats his clients like he would treat an intern at his company. On top of all that, his team members donít do anything about this problem too. Why would they? Matt is their boss, after all. 
Apart from that, Matt and his advisors donít prepare plans for their customers. I asked them multiple times to give me a written plan but they never did for a wh

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