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Beware, Itís Women Fooling Network!

Beware, Itís Women Fooling Network!

I have been trapped by Womenís Information Network (WIN) run by Paula Fellingham. These guys are cheating agents who loot women of their hard earned money in the name of women empowerment. They do not support women to take charge of their familyís finances but loot and fool women. They will make false promises of […]

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Roshni Gosalia is a fake, lying bitch


Roshni Gosalia is one of the most insincere people youíll ever meet. Sheís so good at lying to people and manipulating them. She works with HBO, and I bet she spreads around herpes in the office. Probably steals too. Sheís been looking for a house in Queens lately. Sheís traveled to Paris and Lake Georgia […]

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Jaren Williams-Abusive Monster


Jaren is a monster. I watched him manipulate and abuse my friend for two years. He appeared to be dark humored and a creative free thinker type at first, but we now know its a serious mental illness. He is so timid and loving when itís convenient for him but will flip a switch on […]

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Arrogant, non cooperative and rude staff!


Spectrio claims to be a leading in-store marketing company with the best technology and professional services. They have ventured out into a lot of aspects of in-store marketing including interactive kiosks, Wi-Fi marketing, in-store music, on hold messaging, scent marketing and digital signage. Being a store owner in Oldsmar, I approached Spectrio to avail their […] ..... Read the full...

Leanne Weiner will split up couples without hesitation


My boyfriend and I had a nice enough relationship before he met Leanne Weiner. I know they met at the gym they both go to. I also know he slept with her. Not just once either, I could have forgiven that. But on several occasions. I was at home on weekend nights alone, thinking that […] ..... Read the full Review for Leanne Weiner will split up couples without hesitation published at...

A money hungry monster!


He made me go through an unnecessary surgical procedure, which developed a number of complications and I had to get them treated. Why did he make me go through an unnecessary procedure? He did that so his clinic will get more money. He doesnít care about the patients. No, he only cares about the money […]

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Dr. Amarjit Chhatwal charged with DUI


BRIDGEPORT ó A Fairfield podiatrist was charged for drunk driving on Friday after police found him slumped in his car at a city intersection. Dr. Amarjit Chhatwal, who lives in Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, had his blood-alcohol levels at 0.1663, which is more than twice the legal limit, police said. Chhatwal faced charges for driving […]

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Lazy salespeople ruined my purchase


I had everything in life and it was from the past few years I had grown interested for cars. The car company that pleased me the most was AUDI… I already had a car which I sold a few weeks ago because it was finally time to buy my dream car. I was very excited […]

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Got scammed into buying fraudulent healthcare plan


Iyer Health Shield duped me with their time-tested strategy of scrawling across the entire internet, looking for people who are seeking to be enrolled in a good health care plan through new health exchanges. These guys convinced me to buy the Gold PPO plan from United Healthcare for $229 every month. I bought the plan […] ..... Read the full Review for Got scammed into buying fraudulent...

Matthew Blackley is the worst of the worst


Matthew Blackley is a terrible human being. Heís a horrible, heartless person who only cares about his own life. His goals will always come first to him and he will never change. This asshole actually abandoned his family because he met a gold digger. The mistress is such a stereotypical gold digger everyone can see right through her.
But Blackley is such a creep. Iíve personally seen how his family suffers every day because of his actions. They suffer emotionally after he left them, but also financially. They simply donít have enough money to go around. He blows all his money when he parties with his mistress.
Before you ask the obvious question, Iíll answer it. Yes, his wife has filed for divorce. But thereís something hugely wrong about this whole situation. Who actually takes the money meant to feed his own kids and wife and spends it partying with his bitch of a mistress? Who actually has the heart to do that? The answer is Matthew Blackley. I havenít me

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